Our team of qualified translators are experienced in providing subtitling and captioning services from a wide array of languages to Vietnamese and vice versa that ensure that your film, documentary or marketing message engages foreign audiences.

PT Translation offers the highest quality subtitling and captioning services for all types of audio and video files, allowing you to share your work with audiences around the world. Through our network of experienced translators, who are familiar with an array of formats and style requirements – we can easily incorporate any unique requirements you may have for your project.

Our Subtitling Process


We work with a global team of skilled and experienced writers, who are native speakers and able to convey the nuances of the language they translate from and into. Our clients are guaranteed high-quality manual translations that capture the original meaning of the video. Nothing gets overlooked and everything gets communicated to the foreign audience.

Fast Turnaround

We know time is of the utmost importance to our clients. And as the pace of online business continues to increase, delivering on time is vital. This is why we go out of our way to accommodate your deadline – whether you need your project delivered in 48 or 24 hours – we are as committed to meeting your deadlines as you are.

Competitive Pricing

We know getting the right price is a major part of any deal; that’s why we try to offer competitive prices while not compromising the quality or speed of our translations. Our cost and process transparency ensures clients always receive fair quotes and we never go over the estimated budget.

You're in safe hands with PT Translations, so get in touch today and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised with our speed, quality and prices!